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PPE in Acetylene Plants: Imperative for Employee Safety & Health

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is used to manage safety and health related risks in a workplace. Depending on the equipment and raw materials being used, as well as the product being manufactured, the right PPE should be used. In an acetylene production plant, employees are provided with specific protective gear like gloves, safety glasses, safety shoes, and more. They are also advised about the clothing material that they should wear when working in the plant.

PPE to Be Used in Acetylene Plants

Specific parts of the body need to be safeguarded when working in acetylene plants. The following equipment should be provided to all employees working in an acetylene plant:


  • Eyewear: Using safety eyewear will safeguard employees from dust, vapor, heat, chemical splashes, and more. It is important to make sure that the sizes are right when using safety glasses.
  • Ear: Prolonged working around machines that are extremely noisy may cause damage to delicate parts of the ear. Hence, industrial grade earplugs, or canal caps should be used by all employees.
  • Head & Neck: Protecting the head from flying objects, chemicals, or any accidents is imperative when working in an industrial setting. The machinery used should be taken into consideration when opting for the right helmet or protective equipment for the head.
  • Hands and Arm: The hands and arms of a person are at maximum risk of receiving electrical shocks, chemical splashes, extreme heat, impact, cuts, vibrations, and more. Long gloves or gloves with cuffs can be used depending on the machinery or process at hand.
  • Feet and Legs: Safety shoes are a must in an acetylene plant. The shoes used should be able to withstand chemical spills or penetration of pointy objects.
  • Entire Body: In case, it is needed, employees operating specific machinery can benefit from PPE for the entire body. The material of the PPE can be taken into consideration depending on the chemicals being handled.

(Please note that this list is not exhaustive. For more details on the PPE to be used in acetylene plants, please feel free to contact us.)

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Importance of PPE

Using the right protective equipment helps reduce hazards related to safety and health. Handling acetone and acetylene, among other chemicals can be risky. Use of PPE is imperative when considering all factors related to risk management. Extreme harm to the human body can be averted by using the right products.

Understanding how the protective equipment works will allow employees to use the products effectively and reduce any risk. It is important to train them on the correct use of PPE in acetylene plants.



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