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ATX Series – 50 to 250 m³/hr Acetylene Cylinder Filling Plant

Rexarc’s ATX Series acetylene cylinder filling plant is built to last and for expansion in the future. Unlike other systems, Rexarc systems can be expanded with just a few added components.

The Rexarc ATX Series plant is available is sizes from 50 to 250 m³/hr. A complete set of installation drawings, installation instruction manual, operating and maintenance manuals are included in English. Other languages are available for a fee. A group of one year spare parts are included, which contains items for the generator, medium pressure drier, purifier, compressor, high pressure driers, manifolds and acetone pump that need replaced under normal operating conditions.It is designed to Section VIII of the ASME Codes. It is also designed to NFPA 51A: “Standards for Acetylene Cylinder Charging Plants”.

SpecificationsModel 18Model 36Model 54Model 72Model 90
Total Acetylene Production (Kg)10,00020,00030,00040,00050,000
Cylinder (6 Kg Capacity)1,6663,3324,9986,6648,330
Carbide Size (Max 15% Dust) (Mm)25 × 5025 × 5025 × 5025 × 5025 × 50
Hourly Acetylene Capacity (Kg)56112168224280
Acetylene Purity Level, Based on US Grade Carbide98 to 99.5%98 to 99.5%98 to 99.5%98 to 99.5%98 to 99.5%
Electrical (380V, 50Hz, 3PH)** (Kw)1732526680
Approximate Start Up Time (Minutes)6060-9060-12060-15060-180
Total Hopper Capacity (Kg)10901090218021804360
Raw Material Requirement
Acetone Required (Kg)4509001,3501,8002,250
Carbide Required (Approx. MT)326496128160
Water Supply (2.5 Kg/Cm2) (LPM*)83166249332415
Plant Area Requirement
Total Building Size (Sq. Mtr)297604650650813
Free Area Around The Plant (Meters)According to Local Regulatory Requirements.
Site Planning GuidesModel 18 Site
Planning Guide

Model 36 Site
Planning Guide

Model 54 Site
Planning Guide

Model 72 Site
Planning Guide

Model 90 Site
Planning Guide

*Can be reduced approximately 85% by incorporating recirculating systems.

**Electrical requirements in accordance with your local electrical power supply can be supplied


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