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Model 301 – 8.5 m³/hr – Acetylene Cylinder Filling Plant

The Rexarc 301 Acetylene Cylinder Filling Plant is designed for maximum carbide yield and high efficiency. The rated plant capacity is 8.5 m³ per hour using USA grade calcium carbide.

The Rexarc acetylene plant is constructed and inspected with a best practice policy that meets the intent of design principles and manufacturing practices from Section VIII of the ASME codes. It is also designed to NFPA 51A: “Standards for Acetylene Charging Plants 2006”. Equipped with all of the safety features found only in Rexarc plants, the 301 is characterized with low building and installation costs.

This acetylene plant is skid mounted with All equipment mounted on one skid.

The medium pressure generator is the highly efficient “SCREW FEED” type capable of using calcium carbide of graded size from 4 mm up to 50 mm with a maximum dust content of 15%. The recommended carbide size is 25 X 50 mm. The generator comes complete with a single 136 kg capacity hopper. Acetylene is generated only when needed.

One 20 cylinder manifold come with master valve, station flame arresters and flexible cylinder filling leads that have non-return check valves. Hand wheels with nipples that use o-rings to seal make the connection of cylinders better and faster.

A motor control center is provided to control all automated processes of the acetylene plant.

Site Data
Area Required 43.3 M long x 34.1 M wide
Building or Shelter 12.8 M long x 3.7 M wide x 4.9 M high
Residue Pits 2 recommended; 4 month capacity – 7.9 M long, x 10.1 M wide x 1.5 M high
Shelter Minimum to keep carbide dry and prevent water from freezing
Electrical 6.1 Kw, 220 volt, 60 hertz, 3 phase (standard). Generator motor is 3/4 HP and
motor is 5 HP. Customer to provide conduit to panels and to motors.
Model 301 Specifications
Metric U.S Customary
Acetylene Gas 963 M³ 34,000 Ft³
Carbide Required (approx.) 3,427 Kg 7,556 lbs.
Carbide Size 80 x 0 mm 3 x 0 inches
Acetone Required (approx.) 50 Liter 13 U.S. gal.
Water Required 64,345 liter 17000 U.S. gal.
Water Supply 35 PSIG (2.5 Kg/cm²) 38 liter/min 10 gal/min.

*The production capacity of the Model 301 is 170 cylinders per month based on one shift, with the average cylinder size of 5.7 M³, 200 Ft³



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