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Model 50 PS Portable Acetylene Generator

4-12-0018A 50 PS Generator Only.

Capacity per Charge: Carbide: 22.8 kg - appx. 2.8 m3 Acetylene

Dimensions: Height: 1702 mm Diameter: 661 mm.

Weight: Net: 77.1 kg Charge: 282 kg Shipping: 22.5 kg.


4-12-0022A 50 PS Generator with Hand Truck

Wheels; 400mm rear, 150 mm front.

Shipping Weight: 42 kg.

3-08-0009 Hand Truck Only with Pneumatic Rubber Tire - Contact for Details


Produce high quality welding gas anywhere in the world and improve efficiency.

Savings on your acetylene costs add up fast when you have one or more generators. Your investment comes back to you quickly and you earn substantial extra profits on your equipment for many years.

You pay no outside concern for making acetylene, putting it into cylinders and transporting it to your shop or factory. You make your own acetylene – in the quantity required right on the job as you use it.

Economical, too!

You waste no acetylene because you can use every cubic foot your generator produces. It is not uncommon to lose as much as 15% of the acetylene bought in cylinders because it is impossible to exhaust all of it from the acetone solvent in the cylinder. You lose that which is returned – possibly as much as 15% that you bought.

You get the best flame – the hottest flame – acetylene is purer and hotter – when it goes to your torches it does more work – produces more and better welds, or cuts, that “bottled” acetylene and there is no cooling of the flame by acetone.

You operate any torch at any safe pressure. Maximum pressure is 1.05 kg/cm2. Pressure may be held within close limits.

The “SUPER-50” unit:

This portable unit meets the requirements of many custom welding shops and industrial plants for maintenance and production. Holds 23 kilos of 14ND carbide and 190 liters of water. Delivers approximately 7 m3 of acetylene per charge – equal to one large acetylene cylinder. Rated capacity is 2.8 m3 per hour. Consists of 50-PS generator mounted on rubber tires, roller bearing equipped, 50-PRT truck.

The 50-PS portable acetylene generator is SAFE TOO…

Many safety features protect owners and operators of Sight Feed Generators. Carbide feeding stops when generation exceeds the demand from the torch – or when operating lever is closed. They are constructed with all safety devices regularly found on acetylene generators, plus many more of our own exclusive design and development.

A pressure relief valve is factory set to open automatically should the pressure build up excessively for any reason. This valve is so constructed that it must be unseated each time the carbide hopper is removed for recharging – there is no chance of the valve becoming frozen shut from carbide residue.

The Sight Feed safety check and flashback arrester stop all flashbacks from reaching the generator. Flashbacks come, of course, from unbalanced oxygen-acetylene pressures. The safety check will withstand tremendous back pressure. It has been tested up to 2,500 PSI, without injury to the valve.

System Includes:

  • Pressure Adjusting Screw
  • Operating Lever
  • Spring
  • Diaphragm
  • Universal Joint
  • Interface Arm
  • Feed Rod
  • Breech Lock
  • Tip Protector
  • Service Outlet Valve
  • Safety Check
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Acetylene Outlet Pipe
  • Filter
  • Baffles
  • Flashback Arrester
  • Agitator
  • Check Valve
  • Tank Drain Valve


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