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Rexarc offers a range of technical services for acetylene plants.

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Preventive Maintenance Kits at Rexarc

Rexarc provides custom preventive maintenance kits to all acetylene plants using Rexarc’s equipment. The maintenance kits are assembled depending on the machinery present in a particular plant. Hence, no plant owner needs to pay for components that may not be used. You can select the exact type of kit, as well as the quantity of spares.

Rexarc’s Customized Preventive Maintenance Kits

We provide tailor-made kits to enable our clients to run their plants efficiently. Some of the reasons to opt for our kits are listed below.

  1. Pay only for what you need
  2. Everything you need in one kit (Compatible Tools + Spare Parts)
  3. Can be customized according to different purchase dates (age) of machinery
  4. Your tailor-made kit will contain tools and spare parts for specific number of PM cycles as per your requirement
  5. Rexarc-manufactured parts ensure better quality, higher efficiency, product compatibility, and ease of use
  6. We also provide training in Preventive Maintenance

Reducing chances of unexpected breakdown will help your organization reduce any losses associated with plant shutdowns, or unplanned maintenance. Productivity of your employees will remain unaffected in such events as well. The importance of keeping an updated preventive maintenance kit handy cannot be overstated. This kit can help increase efficiency, reduce risk, and lower losses, while providing several other benefits.

If interested, Rexarc’s representatives can get in touch with you and discuss your requirements. A preventive maintenance kit will be shipped to your plant location according to the specifications discussed. To know how we can help, please get in touch with our experts.

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Acetylene Plant Auditing

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Professional On-site Training

Professional On-site Training On-site plant operations and safety training is offered as a stand-alone or add-on service. This customized service offers classroom, instructor-led training on the operations and maintenance of…

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Start-up and Commissioning Services

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