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Below are some insights into what the Rexarc experience is like:

  • As a team member at Rexarc, you matter and have an impact on our success. Our strong retention and engagement levels prove that our people have a voice and are heard. Participation in the business is not just encouraged, but expected.
  • Rexarc participates annually in the AP/Gallup Employee Engagement Survey. In 2022, Rexarc engagement results were at 76%, compared to the national average of 49%. Click here for more information
  • As a company, Rexarc is dedicated to helping our team achieve their personal and professional goals by discovering individual strengths within each member and investing in those strengths to help move individuals towards their best self.

Team Member’s Say….

  • We’re a growing interest and (we) can see the impact of our work.
  • Job Variety – We’re not always doing the same job.
  • Steady work schedule.
  • Opportunity for personal and professional development.
  • Freedom to share ideas – Up, down, and around the organization
  • Freedom to fail – If an idea doesn’t produce the expected results, we change and continue to improve.
  • Communication of information.
  • Culture of Teamwork and Continuous Improvement.

Other Reasons to Choose Rexarc

  • Competitive Pay
  • Competitive Benefits – Health Insurance, 401(k), Paid Vacation, Budgeted Training, Paid Birthday
  • Stability through exporting – 2010 Ohio Small Business Exporter of the Year
  • 3 year growth rate of 3x industry average
  • Most suppliers are US based

Key Characteristics of Potential Team Members

  • Openness to change and continuous improvement
  • Strong desire for personal and/or professional development
  • Great communication skills
  • Desire for autonomy to solve problems

Still Interested in being part of the Rexarc Team?

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We are a one stop shop from custom vessel production to full skidding, plumbing and instrumentation.



We stand by our processes and communicate with you on your project status as much or as little as you would like.



We continually reinvest in our people, business, and equipment technology to ship quality products on time.