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Calculating Pipe Diameter for Gas Distribution

Any gas distribution system needs to have the right pipe diameter to work efficiently and ensure the right amount of gas is available where it needs to be. This guide will help you figure out what pipe diameter will be required for your specific system and where you can get help.

What is a gas distribution system?

A gas distribution system is an interconnected series of pipes, gas storage containers, and workstations designed to take gas from the storage containers and deliver it to the workstations in a seamless, efficient manner. Gas distribution systems come in many sizes, and can be set up for many different types of gases including air, helium, argon, acetylene, carbon dioxide, and more.

Why do I need to know the required pipe diameter?

When designing a gas distribution system, you’ll need to have the right pipe diameter to help regulate the flow of gas through the pipes. Using a pipe diameter that is too large will lower the pressure in the pipe, and using one too small will raise the pressure too much and limit the capacity of your system.

How to calculate the right pipe diameter

You’ll need to do a bit of math to figure out the pipe size you need. Luckily, Rexarc has developed a handy calculator to estimate the proper pipe diameter for you. You’ll need the following information about your system:

  • Type of gas used (carbon dioxide, acetylene, air, helium, etc)
  • Number of workstations using the gas
  • Volume of gas needed at the workstations
  • Pressure required at the workstations
  • Estimate of the overall pipe length

Something to keep in mind when collecting this information is that if you have multiple workstations, factor in when they are used. If they are used at the same time, you’ll need to estimate for the maximum amount of gas required if they are all being used, but if they aren’t, you can lessen the estimate a little. There’s more details on this on our calculator page.

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Rexarc designs and manufactures expert gas distribution systems and pressure vessels that exceed industry standards. We’d be happy to help you determine what system specifications you need for your project, or answer any other questions you might have about gas distribution and storage. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more!



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