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Why are Fiberglass-lined Acetylene Gas Purifiers a Better Option?

Acetylene gas is a product gas, which is manufactured for use in different industries such as manufacturing, petrochemicals, biotechnology, environmental protection, etc. Like other industrial gases, this gas also has several impurities such as particulates, organic and inorganic matter, water, volatile metals, etc. These impurities not only affect the efficiency of the systems, but also endanger its operational safety. Thus, it becomes important to purify acetylene before its utilization. The purification is usually done through typically designed systems known as gas purifiers. There are several acetylene gas plant manufacturers in the USA, who provide custom acetylene gas plants, and purifiers for different applications, and Rexarc International, Inc. stands tall among them.

Until 2008, the company offered purifiers with rubber lining, however, now it is offering acetylene purifiers with fiberglass lining. Recently, the company has recommended its customers to upgrade their purifiers with fiberglass lining. Are you intrigued to know how this lining can add value to your acetylene purifier? What are the benefits of availing the upgrade services from Rexarc? This post aims to answer all these questions.

Advantages of Using Fiberglass Lining in Acetylene Purifiers


To start with, fiberglass is basically a fiber-reinforced plastic. It means, this material is made by reinforcing glass fiber in the plastic. The fiberglass lining used in an acetylene purifier derives benefits from the combination of plastic and glass fiber. The following benefits offered by this material makes fiberglass a superior choice over rubber lining.

  1. Excellent Mechanical Strength and Dimensional Stability: The material possesses a higher tensile strength/volumetric mass than steel, which makes it strong and durable. Also, it remains insensitive to temperature variations, and possesses a low coefficient of linear expansion.
  2. Lightweight: As glass fiber and plastic are lightweight materials, so the fiberglass lining is also lightweight. It adds no extra weight to the purifier.
  3. Corrosion Resistance: As acetylene purifiers are designed to withstand harsh operating environments, so the lining material needs to meet the requirement. The glass fiber used in the construction meets the requirement perfectly because it offers excellent resistance to any chemical environment.
  4. Low Thermal Conductivity: Fiberglass is one of those composite materials, which is valued for its ability to remain unchanged under various thermal conditions. As known, an acetylene purifier may be subjected to different thermal conditions depending on the presence of certain impurities. The fiberglass lining will remain non-reactive in such conditions because it has low thermal conductivity.
  5. Low Maintenance: As a fiberglass possesses high chemical and thermal resistance, as well as electrical endurance, hence, there are no damages caused to the lining. All these properties lead to minimal maintenance costs. The acetylene purifier requires no regular upgrades, once the fiberglass lining is installed.
  6. Cost Effective: All the above-mentioned properties make fiberglass a cost-effective material than rubber and other synthetic materials.


All the aforementioned benefits of the material help:

  1. Reduce expensive downtimes encountered due to damage of rubber lining in the long run
  2. Reduce delay in filling of the purified acetylene gas
  3. Improve the performance of lining material in adverse environments
  4. Replace the now obsolete liner patch kits

Why are Acetylene Purifier Upgrade Services at Rexarc Recommended?

At Rexarc, the purifier upgrade services are designed to deliver optimal benefits to users. The following are features of the services:

  1. A fiberglass lining is added through the 3-stage process. This helps assure the lasting performance and durability of the fiber.
  2. Rexarc employs advanced technologies during the manufacturing process, which helps improve the safety and efficiency of acetylene gas production applications.

Do you wish to know other benefits of fiberglass lining used in acetylene gas purifiers? The team at Rexarc will help you understand these benefits, as well as how the linings will help you optimize your productivity, and operational safety.



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