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Why You Need To Upgrade Your Acetylene Purifiers?

Acetylene has become one of the popular industrial gases owing to the several advantages it offers. However, the gas has many impurities, which makes it difficult to use in its original form. Thus, it is purified using a specially made acetylene purifier, which is used in conjunction with the acetylene gas plant. Rexarc, a leading manufacturer of acetylene gas plants, provides acetylene gas purifiers and their accessories such as liners. Earlier these liners were made of rubber; however, nowadays they are made of pure polyurea. Recently, Rexarc has been recommending its customers to upgrade their acetylene purifier liners to pure polyurea as this liner offers many advantages. Is that all? Read the post to know how these upgrades will be beneficial for your business.

4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Acetylene Purifiers

Fiberglass liners have many advantages over rubber liners. Hence, acetylene gas purification using new acetylene purifiers equipped with pure polyurea liners have become the first choice for industries. Here are the reasons why pure polyurea liners have an edge over the latter:

1. Minimal Downtime: The pure polyurea material is known for its excellent physical and chemical properties. It can withstand harsh chemicals, high temperatures, as well as electricity. All these are essential characteristics, as acetylene plants are used in harsh environments. Although designed for long-term performance, rubber liners may break down after a certain period, thereby causing a downtime. Being designed for harsh applications, the pure polyurea lining brings no downtime as such, and allows users to maintain their productivity.

2. Reliability and Durability: Pure polyurea is a composite made of a plastic matrix reinforced with glass fibers. Owing to its typical chemical composition, pure polyurea is lightweight, durable, stronger than a metal sheet, corrosion resistant, and possess better thermal performance than wood, plastic, and metal. Durability and reliability assured by pure polyurea liners make them ideal for acetylene gas plants.

3. Obsolete Liner Patch Kits: The patch kits provided with the liners feature all the necessary items required for fixing minor tears in liners. The patch kits for rubber liners have now become obsolete, which has increased the demand for pure polyurea liners.

4. Constructed Using New Materials: With the advancement in material technologies, Rexarc has been utilizing unique materials for acetylene plants. Acetylene purifiers are also made of the same material. Rubber liners are not compatible with many of these materials, which is one of the reasons for their obsolescence.

Rexarc International Inc. provides acetylene purifier upgrade services to assure long-term performance of the existing purifier systems. The pure polyurea lining is added to the purifier at the end of the 3-stage process, and it helps improve the stability of these systems. The team at Rexarc will help you understand the benefits of pure polyurea lining that is used in purifiers for acetylene gas purification.



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