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Stainless Steel Fabrication Services

Stainless steel tanks have been an integral part of several industries for a long time. These tanks are favored over other materials for several benefits that they offer. Stainless steel tanks are used for storing various types of toxic and non-toxic materials at different temperatures and pressures. Owing to their dependability, there is a high demand for quality and reliable stainless steel tanks. Rexarc has been meeting the demand by offering unparalleled stainless steel tank fabrication services in the US. The company can fabricate ASME and non-ASME stainless steel pressure vessels and tanks in custom specifications to meet your application requirements.

Rexarc’s Stainless Steel Tank Fabrication Capabilities

There are several stainless steel tank fabricators specializing in industrial and commercial stainless steel fabrication. We believe that the following capabilities that we have developed makes us different and stand tall among these stainless steel tank fabricators.

  • Rexarc owns ASME code certificates “U” and “U2” and National Board Stamp “R”. This enables us to design and manufacture ASME coded stainless steel tanks and pressure vessels and conduct their stringent inspection and testing in-house.
  • We regularly work with 300 series stainless steel materials and their low carbon versions. 316/316L, 304/304L, and 317/317L are common stainless steel grades we work with.
  • We design and fabricate the following types of stainless steel tanks for different industrial and commercial applications.
    • High Pressure Tanks
    • Vacuum Tanks
    • Storage Tanks (for liquid, chemical or gas)
    • Mixing Tanks
    • Single Shell Tanks
    • HTST Tanks (high-temperature short-time)
  • Different welding and fabrication techniques that we have developed over the years form the core of our stainless steel tank fabrication services. We employ various welding techniques like SAW, SMAW, GNAW/MIG, FCAW, and GTAW/TIG for CNC plasma cutting, plate rolling, and production cutting.
  • We can design and manufacture pressure vessels with 6 feet – 8 feet internal diameter.
  • We use ASME software for production design. We accept the design files in PDF, SolidWorks, and other file formats. The software coupled with our advanced technology investments allow us to assure quality designs and in-time delivery.
  • In addition to the above, we provide certain additional services such as sandblasting, internal and external coatings, assembly, export documentation and shipping, export packaging, and so on.

At Rexarc, we believe that the best way to excel is competing with ourselves and setting new limits for our service. We regularly outstretch our limits to deliver the best product to our customers. Our commitment to quality and excellent customer service coupled with our advanced engineering expertise makes us one of the most dependable stainless steel tank fabrication services in the country. Do you have any special or standard requirements for stainless steel fabrication? Please feel free to contact us as we will be extremely happy to serve you.



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