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Small Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels

Small pressure vessels are used to store fluids for a short period at different pressures and temperatures. At Rexarc, we perfectly understand these requirements, and have been fabricating small ASME certified stainless steel pressure vessels in sizes ranging from 1 gallon to 35 gallons. Excellent customer service, high-quality materials, proven fabrication techniques, and competitive prices make us one of the leading ASME pressure vessel manufacturers in the US.

Features of Small Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels by Rexarc

The following features of our pressure vessels have made them popular across industries.

  • All our small stainless steel pressure vessels meet the ASME “U”, “U2” Code for Unfired Pressure Vessels Section VIII, Division 1 specification.
  • We utilize the latest software technology including COMPRESS®, AutoCAD, and Solid Works for product and manufacturing design.
  • We regularly work with various stainless steel materials and low carbon grades such as 316/316L, 317/317L, and 304/304L.
  • The small pressure vessels are fabricated using SAW, SMAW, GNAW/MIG, FCAW, and GTAW/TIG for CNC plasma cutting, plate rolling, and production cutting techniques.
  • The designing and fabrication is entirely done at our 60,000 square feet production space, which has dock level and drive-in shipping access.
  • We design and fabricate coded and non-coded pressure vessels, storage tanks, mix tanks, purifier tanks, and so on. These stainless steel pressure vessels assure convenient and secured handling of fluids and easy transport.
  • All pressure vessels are subjected to pneumatic and hydrostatic testing before leaving our facility.

At Rexarc, we do not believe in standard sizes. We can build exactly what you want. Our experts will coordinate with you throughout the project phase to deliver the best quality pressure vessels in the materials and dimensions you require. We give meticulous attention to detail, which allows us to fabricate some of the finest pressure vessels for every industry. Do you have specific requirements for small pressure vessels? If that sounds yes, please feel free to get in touch with our team today. They would be happy to help you.



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