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A Brief Introduction to Rexarc’s Ammonia Scrubber

Ammonia gas is a very common by-product of chemical processes. Chemical manufacturers are required to reduce their ammonia gas emissions because it is classified as a hazardous substance by the United States Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA). There are strict requirements in regards to its storage, production, and use. Rexarc International Inc. provides ammonia scrubber, which guarantees 99% ammonia removal efficiency. Thus, we help our chemical industry clients adhere to EPCRA regulations, and keep their ammonia emissions low.

Facts about Ammonia Gas

The following facts about ammonia gas prove why it is a matter of concern for chemical industry manufacturers and EPCRA.

  1. Ammonia is a pungent gas, which may cause discomfort in the form of burning sensation in eyes, throat, nose, respiratory tract. In severe cases, it can even cause lung damage, blindness, and death if this gas enters into the body through breathing, or swallowing.

  2. The odor threshold for this gas is 5 ppm, which suggests potential danger.

  3. The gas has an Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) concentration of 300 parts per million by volume (ppm).

  4. The OSHA Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) is 50 ppm.

  5. The gas is moderately toxic with an explosion range of 16-25% in air.

  6. Ammonia is corrosive, and can damage metals.

  7. Due to its tendency to react with acid gas pollutants, the gas is considered as a precursor to PM10 and PM2.5 criteria air pollutants. It forms ammonium salts on reaction with acid present in the atmosphere. The most common byproducts are ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate.

Ammonia Scrubber – Principle of Operation

Rexarc ammonia scrubbers are designed to remove ammonia gas that is generated from the calcium carbide during the acetylene production. This helps avoid the formation of ammines that when compressed, are known to clog flame arresters and cylinders. The scrubber is automatically filled and drained with water, which absorbs the ammonia. A drain is used to limit the level of water in the scrubber and to remove water that contains the ammonia. Pall rings are used to break the acetylene stream into small bubbles to remove the most ammonia possible.

Our ammonia scrubber is designed for long-term, and continuous operation. Its operational efficiency depends on these factors:

  1. The temperature of the acetylene stream

  2. Temperature of the water entering the scrubber

  3. The presence of particulates, and chemicals in the exhaust stream

Specifications of Ammonia Scrubber Provided by Rexarc

We provide ammonia scrubbers in the following specifications:

Material of Construction Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Carbon Steel
Flow Rate 2,000 SCFH 56 m3/hr. 6,000 SCFH 169 m3/hr. 12,000 SFCH 339 m3/hr.
Inlet Port Size 2″ NPT 2 1/2″ NPT 4″ Flange
Outlet Port Size 2″ NPT 2 1/2″ NPT 4″ Flange
Operating Pressure 6 PSI 41.4 kpa 6 PSI 41.4 kpa 6 PSI 41.4 kpa
MAWP Rating 20-22 PSIG 138.9 kpa 20-22 PSIG 138.9 kpa 20-22 PSIG 138.9 kpa
Maximum Operating Temperature 79°F 26°C 79°F 26°C 79°F 26°C
Water Usage per Hour 60 Gal 227 Liter 60 Gal 227 Liter 60 Gal 227 Liter
Water Usage per Hour 60 Gal 227 Liter 138 Gal 522 Liter 240 Gal 908 Liter
Operating Environment (Ambient Temp) 38°F to 104°F (3°C to 40°C) 38°F to 104°F (3°C to 40°C) 38°F to 104°F (3°C to 40°C)
Power 30W @ 115V ±10% 30W @ 115V ±10% 30W @ 115V ±10%

*The Ammonia Scrubber should only be operated and handled by trained personnel.

Rexarc International is a leading manufacturer of acetylene plants. Our acetylene plants, and accessories are designed to provide you outstanding performance and has low maintenance requirements. You can call us on our toll-free number 1-877-739-2721 to know more about our ammonia scrubber. Also, you can mail your concerns, doubts, or feedback at



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