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Rexarc Employee Spotlight Mark Elliott

Celebrating 100 years of innovation and excellence doesn’t happen without great people with great attitudes!

This month we focus on our Domestic Sales Account Manager, Mark Elliott for his many contributions to Rexarc over the past 17 years.

Mark started in production and operations and has played a strong role in the reorganization and re-structuring of our shop floor plan, our shipping process and our safety program. Mark’s commendable solution-centered mindset has been a long appreciated asset to our culture and team.

One of Rexarc’s core values is “Align Passion.” When creating his personal development plan, Mark expressed his desire to take a leap of faith and move into a sales role and customer support to our valued clients. Mark has invested his time and energy into constantly growing, personally and professionally through every opportunity available. His strong leadership is a wonderful testament to our core purpose at Rexarc, “Developing people to win in business and life.”

When asked about his perspective regarding the Rexarc difference, Mark shares that our three uniques; Custom, Communication and Commitment are followed and displayed daily. He is proud of the entire Rexarc team as they have the skills to design and customize almost anything, there is always open and honest communication with our customers and we actively commit to helping our customers achieve their goals and targets.

A century later, Rexarc is still committed to growth and excellence. When asked what excites him most about the future of Rexarc, Mark enthusiastically discusses the new building and the personal opportunities of being a driving force of sales and new business development.

When Mark isn’t in the office, he can be found enjoying time spent with his wife and children. He is passionately involved with the Demolition Derby, has created his own Derby announcing business and always the encourager, spends his spare time cheering for and watching others win.



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