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To the Moon and Beyond with pH Matter

How it Began:

During a customer visit to Power to Hydrogen an introduction was made to Mary Powell at Ph Matter. pH Matter, LLC is a small business headquartered in Columbus, Ohio that specializes in developing materials for advanced energy storage and aerospace applications.

The Customer’s Challenge

pH Matter is developing a life support system for extreme environments, such as the International Space Station or the surface of the moon. They were looking for a custom ASME certified vessel for their lunar module carbon formation reactor system. The prototype system needed to be pressurized, and although the team had a current functioning vessel in their existing system, there were safety concerns that the vessel was not ASME certified.

Rexarc Response

pH Matter brought their project to Rexarc for their experience, expertise and ASME certification.

Rexarc engineers eagerly worked on their stainless steel vessel design as their request had a unique factor, adding internal axial grooves to the vessel design. These grooves helped increase surface area for optimized reaction. After much communication and collaboration, Rexarc then fabricated the vessel on site ensuring its safety compliance.

Why Rexarc? How could/did they help?

“A colleague had worked with Rexarc in the past and had a good experience. My team had no experience with ASME pressure vessel requirements, so we selected a local company that we had a previous relationship with to help us” says Mary Powell, Senior Research Engineer with pH Matter.

4th Generation Leader and CEO, Rob Moyer said “Our 100 years of experience has allowed us to  serve a myriad of industries from the War Department to aerospace giants. Our expertise and ever evolving designs and technology helps us to be a true partner of industry instead of just a vendor.”

Results/experience of working with Rexarc

“Rexarc prides itself on demonstrating our three uniques with every order and customer. Prioritizing custom, communication and commitment allows us to be involved and accountable from concept to completion” says Moyer.

Powell agrees saying “Rexarc engineers helped guide us through the ASME design process and delivered the prototype on time. They went above and beyond to make sure the vessels were what we needed, and they were very reasonably priced. We will definitely work with this company for future iterations of the life support system.”

Rexarc’s Experience

“It was a pleasure working with pH Matter. It’s always exciting to build a long term relationship with clients of all sizes and industries. We appreciate the opportunity to be a small part of such innovation and leading edge technology” says Moyer.

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