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What are Dynamic Loads?

Dynamic loads are one of the more complex types of applied forces to account for. It’s important to understand what they are and when you’re likely to run into them, since they can have a big impact on how your system is designed, especially for a pressure vessel. This article will walk you through what dynamic loads are and how they affect pressure vessels.

How do engineers describe forces?

When creating a design for a pressure vessel or another system, engineers need to consider what forces will be present and how they will be applied to the system. Forces are defined as an influence that changes or maintains the motion of an object, or an influence that changes the shape of an object. Examples of forces include gravity and wind.

Loads are forces that are applied to part or all of a system. They’re a practical study of how forces interact with an object, not the force itself. There are a few different types of loads to better classify how they interact, including dynamic loads.

What are dynamic loads?

Dynamic loading is applied forces that change over time, including loads that change where they are applied, the direction they are applied, and the magnitude. They are further categorized as periodic, random, or a combination. Periodic loads occur at regular, measured intervals, while random loads are unpredictable.

Some examples of this type of load would be wind pushing on a sail, an earthquake shaking a building, or cars passing over a bridge.

Dynamic loads and pressure vessels

There are some instances where your pressure vessel might experience dynamic loading, including some of the following:

  • Pressurizing the vessel
  • Earthquakes and other natural disasters
  • Vibrations from pumps and other machinery nearby

Recognizing which loads could affect your vessel is an integral part of designing the right vessel for your needs. Dynamic loads in particular are important since they can cause your vessel to rupture if they weren’t accounted for in your design.

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