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Acetylene Gas Leak Detector for Scales

Acetylene is one of the popular industrial gases used across the world today. The gas is lighter than air (0.9), which also makes it hazardous. It becomes difficult to detect the gas leak due to this property. The consequences of gas leak can be severe in plants, where acetylene gas or gas generators are used. To address this problem, Rexarc has introduced an innovative acetylene leak detector system.

These systems are designed for leak detection during the cylinder charging operations, and they assure the safety of the acetylene plant. These systems can detect leaks on the bottom of acetylene cylinders when they are placed on the scale.

Complying with the NFPA 51A requirements, these systems provide leak detection from 10% LEL to 25% LEL. The plant is shut down when this level increases above 50%.

Important Factors of Consideration for Installation and Efficient Working of the Acetylene Leak Detector System

Rexarc’s acetylene leak detector systems are designed to offer a long-term performance.

There are certain factors to be considered when using these systems. They are as mentioned below:

  • The leak detector systems must be placed in cool and well-vented areas, where ambient temperatures may vary between -13°F and 131°F.
  • These systems must be placed in a location that is free from humidity, corrosive gases, or any other type of contaminants.
  • Important features of the system such as its pilot alarm and light must be placed in the eye sight of the scale. This helps detect the light when the leak level goes increasing beyond 10% LEL.


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