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ATX Acetylene Generator

Technical Excellence with Rexarc’s Acetylene Generator

Rexarc’s acetylene generator is manufactured in accordance with Section 8 of the ASME Code to ensure complete operational safety. Rexarc provides solutions that ensure maximum efficiency while providing operational ease. The robust design and stable functioning make our products extremely reliable.

Acetylene Generator Description

Below are listed some interesting points with reference to the acetylene generator:

  1. It produces acetylene gas at less than 0.96 bar (14 psig.) pressure.
  2. Two hoppers are used alternately in this acetylene generator to provide uninterrupted flow. The simplicity of the operation allows the generator to be run only when acetylene is required.
  3. As acetylene demand grows, the generator screw-feed and water systems can be upgraded with available Rexarc upgrade kits to allow for safe production up to 250 m3/hr and can accommodate up to 5 Rexarc Model L Compressors
  4. The generator is complete with controls that allow safe and efficient use of calcium carbide. The recommended carbide size is 25×50mm with grade sizes above 4mm with a maximum of 15% dust.
  5. The generator is equipped with intrinsically safe pressure controls for maintaining the system operating pressure. The safety relief valves are capable of relieving up to relieving 638 Kg/hour and 807 kg/hour (25,800 scfh/hour), depending on the plant model.
  6. Two water filled flashback arresters with check valves are provided to protect the generator from flashes up stream.
  7. Water is metered into the generator automatically to maintain the water to carbide ratio (3 liters/0.8 gallons to .45kg/1 lb. minimum). When water is added, slurry is drained automatically by separate controls, maintaining proper operating water levels.
  8. The tank is provided with two clean-out manholes and an agitator with a timer. The agitator operates the motor every 2 minutes out of 10 minutes, which allows for intermittent stirring of the lime slurry to prevent settling. The plant is automatically stopped if agitator failure occurs.
  9. Two automatic calcium carbide feeding hoppers can be furnished with a choice of 544 kg or 1135 kg capacities.
  10. Automatic water inlet and residue discharge systems are equipped with independently operating safety controls.
  11. An automatically timed agitation system keeps the lime suspended in the water.
  12. Nitrogen purge ports are standard on the generator.


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