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"B" Cart

Rexarc's Small Cylinder Handling Solution (B-Cart):

As your acetylene cylinder mix changes to smaller and smaller cylinders, you must handle more cylinders, which causes labor costs to move up also.

Rexarc has constantly strived to develop cost saving and safer products to enhance your bottom line. The development of our new stainless steel “B” cylinder portable filling rack is a good example. Rather than pocketing the “B” cylinders here and there in your operation you can now utilize this filling cart to directly off-load your truck onto the filling cart. Push it directly to the scale, weigh in each cylinder, fill it with acetone. At this juncture the cylinder is connected to the manifold on the filling cart and wheeled to the cylinder filling line and attached to a single pigtail. Now you can fill as few as 2 or increments of 2 up to 20 “B” cylinders from one connection with the least amount of effort and space tied up. Make your “B” cylinder filling faster, safer, and easier. Now you can reduce your labor costs for filling “B” cylinders.



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