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Cylinder Charging Manifolds

Each cylinder is protected with flame arresters on each side of the shutoff valves. The cylinder connection includes an o-ring style handwheel connection to each cylinder and is protected with a flame arrester and a reverse flow check valve in the connection stem. Manifold mounting stands and cylinder cooling water sprays are standard equipment.

A Drainback Manifold safely recovers and recycles back to the generator the acetylene gas from problem cylinders.

  1. The cylinder filling manifolds are protected with flame arresters placed before and after each shut-off valve.
  2. The cylinder filling leads are also protected with stem reverse flow check valves, which allow cylinders with uneven pressures to be connected to the cylinder lead.
  3. Cylinders will start filling when the manifold reaches the cylinder pressure keeping them from cascading into one another.
  4. As an additional safety precaution, the manifolds are equipped with water sprays to keep the cylinders cool while filling.


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