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Drive Efficiency & Safety with Pneumatic Drum Openers

Pneumatic drum openers also known as drum deheaders are used to easily open large drums. This pneumatic drum opener offered by Rexarc helps make fast cuts without manual effort unlike electric steel drum head cutters. These drum deheaders can help save the time spent manually opening drums. They are a much safer and quicker option compared to other conventional options.

Why Opt for Pneumatic Drum Openers

Some of the features and benefits offered by the pneumatic drum deheaders are:

  1. This drum cutter is designed for continuous use.
  2. This pneumatic drum opener has been designed to perform efficiently in areas where the work surfaces are wet.
  3. Non-marring rollers guide the cutter around the head, leaving a clean edge and lip for use with steel drum covers.
  4. An overhead roller and chain holds the cutter at working height and pivots 360º.
  5. The support stand provided with this pneumatic drum opener is portable and can even be bolted to the floor, if required.
Manual Air (GA)
  • Use in industrial settings with wet surfaces
  • 1/2HP, variable speed, 4 vane reversible air motor, 30:1 gear reducer
  • 60-100 psi, 25 CFM, airline filter and lubricator suggested


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