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Acetylene Purification Vessels and Skids

Rexarc offers multiple acetylene process skid options as well as multiple vessel volume sizes to allow for maximum operational efficiency.

One option is the Industrial Process Skid.  This configuration includes three components:  Cooler Condenser, Ammonia Scrubber, and Medium Pressure Drier.  The Industrial Skid comes in 50 m3/hr (2000 scfh) capacity. A second option is a High Purity Process Skid.  This configuration includes five components: Cooler Condenser, Ammonia Scrubber, Medium Pressure Drier, Acetylene Purifier, and Purifier Scrubber.  Purification equipment can be bypassed if purified acetylene is not needed. A third option is a Purification Skid that contains only the acetylene purifier and purifier scrubber.  This configuration is convenient when adding-on High Purity Processing to an existing plant. The High Purity Process Skid and Purification Skid comes in 50 m3/hr (2000 scfh) capacity.

All processing components are skid mounted and pre-piped for simplification of installation.

The Cooler Condenser, Ammonia Scrubber, and Medium Pressure Drier vessels can also be skidded at a capacity of 150 m3/hr (6000 scfh).

Below are descriptions of each component and how they serve the acetylene cylinder filling process:

  1. The acetylene cooler condenser:
  2. • Reduces the temperature of moist acetylene from 63º C (145º F) to room temperature

    • Condenses the water vapor, and

    • Removes residual lime

  3. Ammonia Scrubber
  4. The ammonia scrubber removes over 99% of the ammonia that develops during the acetylene generating process. Removing the ammonia prevents ammines from forming and clogging cylinders.

  5. Medium Pressure Drier
  6. The medium pressure acetylene drier controls the moisture content of the purifying material for proper filtering of acetylene.

  7. Acetylene Purifier
  8. The purifier contains a bed of purifying material that removes ammonia, hydrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur present in acetylene. Once acetylene passes through the acetylene purifier, it reaches a state of 99.5% purity.

  9. Purifier Scrubber
  10. The acetylene purifier scrubber washes the acetylene, removing any purifying material that may be present in the acetylene.

    Purified acetylene increases the useful life of the cylinders, flame arresters, and check valves.



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