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Quick Connects For Acetylene And Acetone

Save Time | Increase Efficiency | Reduce Cost

Save time and money while increasing operator productivity.

Rexarc International has collaborated with WEH to develop a Quick Connect for acetylene and acetone service. This product helps reduce time taken to fill a cylinder with acetylene or acetone. It also reduces the strain caused by constant twisting of the cylinder hand wheel.

The Quick Connect is Suitable for You If Your Organization:

  1. Fills CGA 510, CGA 520 B, and CGA 200 MC cylinders at a rapid pace
  2. Weighs and charges cylinders with acetone
  3. Changes cylinders on a filling manifold

Research at Every Stage of Design & Development

“A Viable Product That Offers Immediate Returns”

Rexarc has spent considerable time designing, testing, and evaluating this product. To ensure usability of this product, we have taken real-time feedback from operators and incorporated it into the product design and functionality.

Rexarc completed ‘time and motion’ studies to determine that the Quick Connect took under one second to disengage and reengage from the cylinder connection.We have had an overwhelming response from all levels of organizations. This product has proven to be effective from both a Return on Investment (ROI) perspective as well as from a quality, safety, and reliability perspective.



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