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4 Overlooked Benefits of Rebuilt Acetylene Compressors

When it comes to compressed gas products, many business owners and managers prefer buying new ones. Many times, this is due to a gap in their understanding of the benefits of the rebuilding process or even that rebuilt units are available. What are these benefits? What does a compressor rebuilding involve? This post discusses how a rebuilt acetylene gas compressor can be an asset to a business.

Features of a Compressor Rebuild Service

A compressor reconditioning service may differ across various manufacturers. The following are common features of a rebuild service from Rexarc.

  1. The oil in the compressor is completely drained.
  2. The paint and any residue build up are removed from the bare compressor unit.
  3. The compressor is disassembled and all critical parts are removed, until the bare casting remains.
  4. All isolated parts are visually inspected for wear and tear. External and internal parts cleaning is conducted, and all parts are again inspected. This helps analyze the type of repair or reconditioning needed. In this type of testing, all faulty components are identified, and replaced, if necessary.
  5. The oil drain is moved to another area to make any future service easier and faster, and internal areas are painted with primer coating.
  6. Components are reviewed and replaced if necessary which include; condensate traps, coils, and piping. Relief valves are often replaced.
  7. In the next step, the compressor unit is rebuilt and equipped with quality parts.
  8. After rebuilding, the compressor is tested for oil and gas leaks as well as operating performance. If a leak or other discrepancy is detected, the assembling expert rectifies them prior to certifying the unit as ready for shipment.

4 Benefits of Purchasing a Rebuilt Acetylene Compressor

Here are the four important benefits that a business gains on buying a rebuilt acetylene compressor:

  1. Remanufactured to Factory Specifications: A rebuilt service restores the compressor to original working specifications of the manufacturer. Typically, rebuilding is performed by experts, which helps minimize errors and maximize the accuracy of rebuilding. Thus, a buyer can stay assured that the compressor is working as desired. Also, it offers the same features and benefits as a new acetylene compressor provided by the brand.
  2. Warranty: All remanufactured compressors are offered with a 1-year warranty. Additionally, all replaced electronic parts are offered with a minimum 6-month warranty. This enables a user to approach a manufacturer or rebuilding service should a problem arise.
  3. Available at Affordable Prices: Rebuilt acetylene compressors can be purchased for about half the price than new branded ones. Thus, a business can easily enjoy benefits of the new compressor at a small investment.
  4. Helps Reduce Downtime Risk: The compressor production unit is the heart of an acetylene plant. Without a functioning compressor, the plant is unable to function. Many plants purchase a rebuilt compressor and install it as a spare unit to significantly reduce downtime risk. Often, these facilities have been producing acetylene for decades and their compressors are original so the rebuilt unit is a great value for risk mitigation.

All the above-benefits suggest, why investing in a rebuilt acetylene compressor is a smart investment decision. It is very important the rebuilt compressors are purchased from a reliable brand. Rexarc International, Inc., is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of acetylene compressors. The company provides rebuilding services for Rexarc acetylene compressors.



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