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Rexarc Model L and R Acetylene Compressors – What is the difference?

This is a common question when a company asks about the compressor options available from Rexarc. Here’s a brief overview of the similarities between the Rexarc Model L and Model R acetylene compressors as well as the positives and negatives of each of the differences.

Similarities between Model L and Model R Acetylene Compressors:

  1. Flow: Both models are rated for 25 and 50 m3/hr.
  2. Motors: Both models utilize the same motor.
  3. Foot Print: Both fit in the same footprint.


There are also several differences between the Rexarc Model L and Model R compressors. Here’s an overview of the differences, as well as the positive and negative of that difference.

Difference between Model L and Model R Acetylene Compressors:


Positive(s) of Difference

Negative of Difference

Model L has a heavier casted crank case and cylinder jugs.

Longer lasting.

Model L has Machined Heads

Longer lasting.

Should water enter the compressor, the heads are more durable.

Model L crankshaft is supported at each end by a set of bearings.

Should water enter the compressor, the crank shaft rarely breaks.

Model L has an internal and external oil pump.

Better lubrication of compressor parts which leads to increased life.

Model L and Model R have different mounting and plumbing.

Changing from a Model R to a Model L requires complete unit replacement, not just the bare compressor.

Model R is an Ingersol Rand based compressor

Spare parts are more readily available throughout the world.

Some parts are modified by Rexarc to align to acetylene compressing.

Model L is a Gardner Denver based compressor

Spare parts are not as readily available. Customers often stock parts to ensure fast local availability.

Customer may have to stock two sets of spares if more than one compressor is in use and they are going through a model transition/upgrade.

Parts are more generally more expensive.


There are several similarities as well as differences when considering which model to purchase for the first time or replace when upgrading. Here is how your partner at Rexarc can support the various challenges.

    1. Changing from Model R to Model L requires full replacement: There will always be a need for Model R compressors. Some Rexarc customers prefer the Model R for various reasons and they will want to replace them with the same in the future. Because of this, Rexarc will give you credit for your old Model R Acetylene Compressor towards a new Model L. Rexarc will pay for the cost of returning the unit to Rexarc for re-manufacturing in preparation to re-sell to those who prefer the Model R and need to replace it but not at the price of a brand new unit.


    1. Spare parts not readily available: At Rexarc, we believe that there’s always a better way. We are working closely with our internal teams to identify kits for the Model L Acetylene compressor which can be shipped in rapid order direct to your location should you go down. If you have parts that you would like us to assemble and stock for you, please contact us with your interest.


    1. Customers may have to stock two sets of parts if going through a transition upgrade from a Model L to a Model R: This may indeed be the case during a transition. What Rexarc will do is buy back existing re-sellable Model R inventory at 50% of our selling price plus bear the cost of shipping back to Rexarc. Rexarc can also work with customers to identify what timing would be best to begin to transition based on their spare parts inventory.


  1. Model L parts are generally more expensive: This is true. However, the total cost of ownership is lower because of the robust nature of the Model L design. We have seen several cases where there has been little to no damage when water has entered the compressor. The user simply removed the head of each stage, empty the water, replace the head and continue production. This has yet to occur in the Model R. Most often, should water enter the compressor, the crank, rods, and pistons are damaged which results in extended production down time and more costly repairs. Consider establishing a preventive maintenance program and coordinating the shipment of parts with Rexarc and receive a discount on the parts.



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