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How to Get an ASME Certified Pressure Vessel

If you have a pressure vessel or are in the process of purchasing one, you might be wondering how to get it ASME certified. ASME certification means the vessel meets industry standards for design and manufacturing, and will ensure you know your vessel is safe to use. This article will go over what ASME certification is, why to get a certified vessel, and how to get a certified vessel.

What are ASME certifications?

The American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is a professional organization that defines standards and certifications used industry-wide across the globe. They provide certifications for the following:

  • Boiler and pressure vessel manufacturers
  • Boiler and pressure vessel part manufacturers
  • Bioprocessing equipment manufacturers
  • Nuclear component manufacturers
  • Other certifications

Their certifications mean that the parts and vessels manufactured by a company holding the certification meet or exceed the standards set by the ASME’s boiler and pressure vessel code, which has been created and updated by teams of professional engineers and extensively tested in the field. Pressure vessels meeting these standards are designed and manufactured to be safe when properly operated.

Why get a certified pressure vessel?

If you’re working with pressure vessels, you probably have some understanding of how dangerous they can be if not designed, built, maintained and operated properly. Certification can give you peace of mind that your vessel will function as intended, and that it has been checked throughout the design and manufacturing process to make sure it meets industry standards.

In addition, some projects and funding sources may require your pressure vessel to have ASME certification as a metric to reduce risk and ensure the project will be successful.

How to get a certified pressure vessel

ASME certified pressure vessels will be stamped and certified with the correct Certification Mark specified in the ASME boiler and pressure vessel code.

If you’re looking to purchase a new vessel, look for a pressure vessel manufacturer holding an ASME BPVC Certificate, like Rexarc. We’re proud to offer custom ASME certified pressure vessels in stainless and carbon steels to our customers. Reach out to us today with any questions you have about ASME certification or our services!



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