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Rexarc at Acetylene and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Seminar 2018

Rexarc, a market leader in acetylene gas plant solutions, is committed to creating awareness about risks and hazards associated with the industrial applications of acetylene gas generator equipment. To fulfill this commitment, the company has decided to make its presence felt at the Acetylene and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Seminar 2018. The seminar is being jointly hosted by Compressed Gas Association (CGA) and Gases and Welding Distributors Association on June 5-6, 2018. The venue for the seminar is The Brown Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky.

A Peek into Rexarc’s Preparation for the Acetylene and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Seminar 2018

Rexarc prioritizes quality and safety of its equipment over anything else. Since the inception, the company has assisted clients to ensure that their organization and employees are fully trained and safe with acetylene gas equipment and compressed gases. The Team at Rexarc is looking forward to the event to share its research and experiences on the safety of people and processes using acetylene gas equipment. Being active participant at the event, the team is also planning to present papers on the following key topics:

1. Topic: Acetylene Cylinder Requalification
Presenter: Travis Strebig – Design Engineer

Travis Strebig

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2. Topic: Compliance
Presentation Title: CGA Pamphlet G 1.10 Acetylene Generators
Presented By: Bruce Holman – Director of Technical Services

Bruce Holman

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About the Acetylene and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Seminar 2018

As the name suggests, the seminar provides a platform for discussion on issues and topics relating to the manufacturing, as well as handling of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and acetylene equipment. This event is ideal for anyone involved in the production, handling, distribution, and use of LPG and acetylene gas related equipment.

At the event, attendees will get a chance to review and express their thoughts on the following topics:

  1. Process safety in acetylene and liquefied petroleum gas operations
  2. Liquefied petroleum gas cylinder requalification and repairs
  3. How to handle acetylene and liquefied petroleum gas cylinders in a fire
  4. Recent changes and updates to related CGA publications
  5. And other important aspects of handling acetylene and liquefied petroleum gas
  6. New technologies for trucking and distribution
  7. The importance of properly vented cylinders

The attendees will get an opportunity to visit the acetylene manufacturing facility of Carbide Industries.

With the seminar nearing, the team at Rexarc is busy with the preparations. Also, they are looking forward to various networking opportunities that the event offers.



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