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Rexarc Travels to Bangkok for Industrial Gas Conference

Globalization has been a boon for organizations in many industries. It has been an opportunity to create partnerships, as well as find ways to make an impact in international markets. To ensure success in export markets, organizations need to understand the current state of their industry. The best way to acquire this information is to visit international conferences. This is the aim of Rexarc International, Inc.

The leader in acetylene plant manufacturing will be attending the prestigious South East Asia Industrial Gas Conference 2016. The conference will be taking place from 6th to 8th December 2016, at the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok.

How Rexarc will Benefit from the Conference

The team at Rexarc understand that value creation and market intelligence are key factors for success abroad. The South East Asia Industrial Gas Conference will give the team opportunities to take a look at the latest innovations in equipment supply and industrial gas industries within the region. They will be able to update their knowledge, which they will utilize in their own services. The team will also have valuable networking opportunities with professionals from the LNG, F&B, Medical, and gas assets industries. The Rexarc team will also be privy to discussions and presentations given by 18 experts from industries such as LNG, Gas, Energy, and Cryogenics.

A Brief about the Conference

Today, many economies are suffering from headwinds, and market challenges across the world are stifling any opportunity for growth. The South East Asia Industrial Gas Conference is an event that has been organized to achieve the following:

• Bring together industry professionals for debates and discussions.

• Explore various markets, and work to create business opportunities.

• Work to help the industrial gas community to do business in emerging markets


The conference will also include speeches and presentations by prestigious speakers, and a dedicated exhibition time for guests to view.

The South East Asia Industrial Gas Conference 2016 will be a great opportunity for the Rexarc team to network, get potential customers, and create partnerships with South East Asia, and other countries around the world.



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