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Rexarc is Your New ASME Pressure Vessel Fabricator

Meet Your ASME Pressure Vessel Requirements With Rexarc

Pressure vessels and boilers are designed to hold different types of fluids at various pressure levels across industries, and their failure could endanger human lives and damage property. Industrial process managers rely on ASME-coded pressure vessels, sourced from companies meeting the American Society of Mechanical Engineer’s (ASME) strict certification process for quality and safety. However, achieving the ASME certification and ensuring its implementation is not easy, so few make the effort to certify and then maintain that certification.

Rexarc stands tall among ASME certified fabricators. What makes Rexarc a leading ASME pressure vessel production services in the US? Having been in business for generations, Rexarc is known for its quality and safety. Its offerings stand out from other certified ASME shops.

Rexarc’s Diverse Vessel Offerings

Specializing in ASME pressure vessel production services, Rexarc fabricates ASME-coded and non-coded pressure vessels, including:

  • Air receivers: Pressure vessels or tanks used to store compressed air, requiring a piping system to be integrate with other equipment.
  • Mix tanks: Vessels that blend components. Mix tanks are used in various industries ranging from food-and-beverage to pharmaceutical to mix, agitate or stir solids, suspensions, powders, etc.
  • Purifier tanks: Special vessels that process liquids or air using mechanical filtration techniques.

In addition to tank types, Rexarc offers a number of tank customizations based on your needs. During the engineering review, Rexarc works with customers to ensure these needs are addressed and offer suggestions for improving tank performance. Options may include:

  • Scrubbers: Pollution control devices in pressure vessels to remove corrosive or toxic compounds from gases.
  • Skidded process units: Sometimes referred to as a “system-in-a-box”, these units are equipped with skids, increasing their portability.
  • Electronic controls: To accompany Skidded Units, Rexarc can integrate sensors and electrical control panels to further simplify the sourcing process.

Rexarc’s Services Benefit Partners

One of the key elements that allows Rexarc’s vessel quality to exceed ASME standards is weld quality. Having been in the vessel business for generations, the company and its team members take great pride in weld quality. Extra time and attention are given to welds, ensuring they stand up to vigorous use.

Rexarc offers several welding processes which are selected based upon application:

  • Submerged Metal Arc Welding (SAW): A common process, this method is where an arc is formed between the workpiece and the commonly fed electrode. This method requires no shielding gas and the arc is submerged below the flux blanket making it invisible during the process.
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW): This weld is created using a flux-covered consumable electrode. SMAW has gained popularity owing to its simplicity and results.
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW/MIG): Sometimes referred to as metal active gas (MAG) welding or metal inert gas (MIG) welding, the electric arc is formed between the workpiece and the consumable MIG wire electrode. The arc heats the workpiece, melting it and causing it to join. The method also utilizes a shielding gas fed through the welding gun.
  • Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW): This is an automatic or semi-automatic welding process, which utilizes a continuously-fed consumable tubular electrode with flux and a constant power supply to conduct welding. This method ensures excellent welding speed.
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Gas Welding (GTAW/TIG): This is an arc welding process, which uses the arc between the weld pool and a non-consumable tungsten electrode, along with shielding gas.

In addition to welding, Rexarc offers other services to increase the value of your vessel. If not requested in the engineering requirements presented, Rexarc may make suggestions based on the usage of the vessel to ensure proper operation and safety.

  • Sand Blasting: Also known as abrasive blasting, it is performed to smooth a rough surface or vice versa, to shape a surface, or to remove contaminants.
  • Hydrostatic Testing: Performed to check for non-visible leaks and ensure the integrity of pressure vessels, storage tanks, and gas cylinders.

Rexarc Quality Stands Out

Rexarc is committed to delivering quality services and products, just as it has for generations. Rexarc’s partners can be assured that we work every day to earn trust. The team is unprecedented in its dedication to delivering the best pressure vessels in the industry every time.

Our commitment to earning the trust of our partners includes:

  • Certifications and Standards: ASME Code Certificates “U”, “U2” earned and maintained mean Rexarc’s systems have cleared the stringent ASME audit review.
  • A Well-Equipped Facility: All fabrication is done at the company’s 60,000-square foot West Alexandra, Ohio, facility. Rexarc has made investments in state-of-the-art equipment, in team training, and in processes that allow them to produce the best, safest products in the industry.
  • Advanced Engineering Capabilities: The engineers at Rexarc advanced software solutions such as Solid Works, AutoCAD, and ASME calculation software in the designing phase to ensure accuracy and timely completion of the projects. And they draw on their experience to work with customers to solve challenges and arrive at the solution that best delivers on expectations.

Whether your needs are simple or complex, the Rexarc team collaborates to exceed customer expectations. Without compromising safety and quality, Rexarc beats industry delivery time averages with each order. Above all, you can count on the people of Rexarc to deliver each and every order on time.

Work With Rexarc

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