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Rexarc’s Acetylene Plant Safety Auditing

A regularly scheduled plant audit is highly recommended for any manufacturing and processing plant dealing with chemicals and complex manufacturing procedures. A plant audit involves inspection by experienced specialists from the organization that supplied key equipment to a process or manufacturing plant. For several years, Rexarc has offered comprehensive plant audits as one of our services. Based on customer feedback on how valuable the full audits are to their organizations, we decided to offer an annual mini audit to our customers, at no cost to the customer.

The free plant audits focus on two key areas: safety issues and efficiency opportunities. This post discusses the key on-site plant operations and safety auditing procedures conducted by Rexarc.

Scope of Onsite Plant Operations and Safety Auditing

During the onsite plant operations and safety auditing, the operating practices of a product are compared to the following:

  1. Rexarc’s recommended operating practices
  2. Industry or customer standards such as EIGA and NFPA

A Brief Description of Safety Auditing and Onsite Plant Operations

Our qualified representatives conduct the safety audit in the following ways:

    1. Preparation for the Safety Audit: Before the start of the audit, the Rexarc representative will typically spend a few minutes with the Plant Manager at the client’s site to review a safety audit questionnaire. Safety audit questionnaire includes questions on management, general organization, training, etc. The quick questionnaire helps the representative better understand the customers’ interests and concerns.


Your Rexarc representative will also study the previous audit report to compare the current state of the acetylene plant to recommended improvements from previous audits.

  1. Safety Audit Review: After the brief initial meeting, our representative is accompanied through the plant by a main plant operator, or is allowed to proceed with their audit alone, dependent upon resource availability.


After the completion of the review, a debriefing session is conducted for the team that met before the start of auditing. Our review report consists of the following information:

  1. A description of findings relative to parts or components of acetylene plants, which need corrective action in the form of repairs or replacements.
  2. A description of defects detected at the plant, and suggestions for corrective actions.
  3. The equipment upgrade options to improve efficiency, and safety of operations.
  4. Prioritization of the areas of identified improvement opportunities.


The audit report copies are given to the local plant manager, and the company management, as requested. If you are a Rexarc customer, and wish to conduct safety auditing of your acetylene operating plant, then call us on 1-877-739-2721 or email us at



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