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Why Choose Rexarc: Looking Forward with Agility, Persistence and Innovation

 Looking Forward with Agility, Persistence and Innovation

When you’re looking for an ASME-coded pressure vessel or custom fabrication partner, the company’s culture could make a huge difference in the service and product that you can expect.

At Rexarc, a few things are baked into our culture from generations of steel tank excellence that make us a valuable partner.

  • Multiple input resources.
  • Every product is custom.
  • Team-centered approach.

We’re all rowing this boat

The things that challenge us are no secret. They’re the subject of daily business news stories. Every manufacturer and retailer are facing the same issues. How we choose to work with our customers and suppliers will be the key to propelling through them rather than fighting against them.


Supply chains will remain tight. Some analysts predict that supply chains for our industry will remain highly competitive through 2023 and even longer. We have successfully navigated issues thus far but must remain agile as it is an evolving situation.


Our biggest differentiated from other custom fabrication shop is our long-held belief in developing multiple sourcing relationships. Because we are a custom shop, we have needs for different inputs for our projects. To manage those needs, we have developed multiple sourcing relationships. We are not reliant on a single source, or event two or three.


And because we have taken the time over the years to build partnerships, our supplies have gotten to know us and recognize our trust in them. With that kind of mutually beneficial relationship, our supply partners come through for us whenever they are able.


When possible, we’re opportunistic with available supplies and can work with customers to build a low-volume inventory of components to even out the highs and lows. We review designs to ensure maximum efficiency of every element. We continually seek out ways to manage our supply chains effectively to deliver to our customers.

Custom Fabrication is Our Standard

Every one of our pressure vessels and steel tanks is a custom fabrication. Why is this important to customers? We don’t have to reset a line every time we take on a new order.


High-volume pressure vessel and tank fabricators serve a vital role. Because they are set up to manufacture large quantities of a single tank time for a long run, they have dedicated lines with many efficiencies for the few types of tanks they produce.


However, a custom or low-count order for one of those manufacturers might mean if you order from one of those companies, you must wait for them to complete that run and to make any line resets before working on your project, adding to lead times.


Our line is built to be flexible. Because we don’t mass produce anything for our fabrication customers, there is no line reset.


The thing is, none of this works if our work is not centered around our team.

Everyone is on the Team

It isn’t just our staff in the fabrication shop that count as our team. Because building partnerships is a foundation of our company culture, our vendor and customer partners are part of the team. We work with them to find innovative solutions to challenges. We build bench strength among our vendors while not punishing them for supply chain issues which are out of their control. Just like sport, some days you are on your game, and not so much on other days.


Each member of our fabrication team is cross-trained to handle another job. Again, we build the bench strength from within. We encourage our employees to use their sick and vacation time as they need. While the work doesn’t stop when one team member is out, we can rotate and fill in where needed.

At Rexarc, Team is a Mindset

We’re a competitive bunch here at Rexarc. We work hard to win at every opportunity. Our record isn’t perfect. We don’t have a championship ring for every finger. However, we walk away from each opportunity with lots of lessons learned so we’ll be here for generations to come.

It is the way we approached our ASME certification. We did that together. Those standards are intrinsic to the way each our team members works because we undertook that effort as a team.

And we support each other. That is why we build partnerships with customers and vendors. We approach is relationship with the opportunity to support you, hoping that you’ll reciprocate. Otherwise, we probably will not put energy into building that partnership beyond the initial phase. We want to be all in.


Summary – Agility. Persistence. Innovation. Rexarc’s culture relies on building long-term relationships. We also build multiple partnerships so we’re not reliable on a single entity. That relationship philosophy benefits our customers.



We are a one stop shop from custom vessel production to full skidding, plumbing and instrumentation.



We stand by our processes and communicate with you on your project status as much or as little as you would like.



We continually reinvest in our people, business, and equipment technology to ship quality products on time.