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4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Acetone Pumps

Acetylene is the hottest burning industrial fuel gas. It is also volatile at full cylinder pressure. To help stability, acetone gets added to the cylinder for safe transportation, storage and use. Acetone also stabilizes the acetylene in the cylinder and enables the cylinder to hold about 25 times more acetylene than if acetone was not used. The acetone gets pumped into cylinders that have less than 100 pounds of pressure (psi) using a device known as an acetone pump.

Many acetylene plant manufacturers such as Rexarc provide acetone pumps with acetylene plants. These pumps are used for putting acetone into acetylene cylinders. As the name suggests, these pumps work by moving acetone from a storage container into an acetylene cylinder. Recently, Rexarc has upgraded their acetone pumps to improve safety and efficiency. Read more to learn how the upgraded design is different than before.

4 Beneficial Features of Acetone Pumps

As with many mechanical pumps, these pumps are equipped with air booster valves, and feature suction and discharge ports. The suction port has an extended pipe which almost touches the bottom of the acetone container. Besides these features, the following factors highlight the benefits of Rexarc acetone pumps.

1. Improved Utility: Earlier acetone pump designs are compatible with drums or underground tanks. The new design has this same compatibility and can also be used with tote containers and above ground tanks.

2. Durable Construction: The wetted parts of the pump are made of Teflon and 316 stainless steel. This helps improve durability, avoid corrosion, and ensures long-term performance.

3. Quiet Operation: Upgraded pumps are fitted with a muffler, which aids in ensuring quiet operation by absorbing the sounds. This allows for better concentration by acetylene plant operators.

4. Safety: Acetone can become volatile when it is mixed with air. The pump is designed such that it avoids interaction between acetone and air.

Rexarc has been manufacturing acetylene plants and acetylene cylinders since 1924. Since its start, the company has prioritized quality and safety over anything else. This commitment has helped it become one of the most trusted acetylene plant manufacturers in the world. The recent upgrade of acetone pumps is an attestation of this commitment.



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